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Product no.: 6205

Ref .: 6205

Tester for AC and DC in voltage and intensity.

Intensity max. 1000A –CC.

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Product no.: 0881

Ref.: 1000S

High efficiency on-grid inverter, IP65

1000W maximum power

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Product no.: 0882

Ref .: 1500S.

High efficiency on-grid inverter, IP65

1500W maximum power

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Product no.: 0636

Ref.: PH3000
Solar Inverter connection On Grid 3000W IP65

Incluyed system monitoring wífi and Ct for Inyection 0.


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Product no.: 0637

Ref.: PH5000

Solar connection grid inverter Self-consumption 230v, 5000W

Wifi monitoring system, and injection 0 incorporated

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Product no.: 00184

Ref .: DMC000200010R

Digital Multi Control is used to remotely view and adjust AC input currents and turn the Multi or Quattro on and off.

It is designed to integrate neatly with your boat, vehicle or home system control panel.

The Digital Multiple Control Panel (DMC) is designed to work with all Multi / Quattro.

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Product no.: 01117

Ref .: BS1240-3


IP22 controlled by Bluetooth with possibility of parameter changes.

Valid for all types of batteries.

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Product no.: 1111

Ref .: 1111

Balancers for voltage regulation for 12V batteries

Compatible with Kinergier PRO Inverters

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Product no.: 01540

Ref: C1

C1 System structure designed to reduce space with more resistance to winds since no rail profile is used for the placement of the panels, the clamps are placed directly at the angle used of 40x40x4mm in this way allows better wind resistance, speed of placement and more economical.

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Product no.: 01694


Powerful inverter with MPPT regulator charger transformer. Use for networked and isolated applications.

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Product no.: 01759

Ref: 01759

Lithium Battery Brackets

Compatibility with Pylontech or TBB Super L.

Bracket for 1 unit with the possibility of expansion

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