Solar battery Gel 12v-6v

The maintenance-free GEL 12v monoblock batteries are ideal for use in power supply in small installations

Solar Batteries
Stationary solar batteries used for systems where accumulation is required, such as in isolated houses, industrial buildings, country houses, and in homes with an electrical grid, increased power, etc. Among the most popular solar batteries are solar batteries, this type of solar battery. They are used for the photovoltaic sector and are characterized by offering excellent results against constant discharges and stationary loads.
Solar batteries are responsible for allowing energy autonomy in those homes isolated from the electricity grid during the night hours, on days of least solar radiation, the accumulated energy will be extracted from them, when the consumption of the home is higher than the production that solar panels offer.
Solar batteries are designed to work in photovoltaic installations with the most varied characteristics. There is a wide variety of solar batteries on the market, including AGM, GEL, open lead acid, stationary and lithium batteries.
Depending on the type and characteristics of the installation, the solar batteries can work at 12V, in which case it is enough to install a battery of this voltage, two 6V solar batteries in series or 6 2V stationary batteries in series. It is also common to find medium-sized photovoltaic installations with solar battery banks that work at 24V, in which case you must contact 2 12V solar batteries in series, 4 6V solar batteries in series or 24 stationary batteries of 2V each. And for installations that require great energy autonomy and high habitual consumption estimates, solar battery banks that operate at 48V are usually installed, in which case 4 12V solar batteries, 8 6V solar batteries or 24 are connected.

 Stationary battery cups, always connected in series regardless of the internal technology of the solar battery, except in the case of lithium batteries that can be connected in series or in parallel unless the manufacturer specifies any limitation in this regard. In the latter case, when dealing with installations of considerable size, they usually opt for stationary batteries or lithium batteries.

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Stationary GEL solar battery 6V 450Ah C100

Super deep cycle


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