Protections are devices and systems designed to safeguard the solar system and its components from possible damage, failure or dangerous situations. The main objective of these protections is to guarantee the safety, optimal performance and durability of the solar system. Some of the most common protections in solar systems include:

Overcurrent Protections: These devices, such as fuses or circuit breakers, are used to interrupt electrical current in the event of an overload or short circuit in the system. They help prevent damage to components and cables from excess current and reduce the risk of fire or electric shock.

Surge Protections – Surge protectors help protect the solar system from voltage fluctuations and transient surges that can occur due to lightning strikes, utility switching, or other events. These devices divert excess voltage and protect solar system components from possible damage.

Harsh Environmental Enclosures – These are weather-resistant enclosures that protect solar system components from exposure to moisture, dust, excessive solar radiation, or other harsh environmental conditions.

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Product no.: 0419

Ref .: 0419

Rail fuse 10x38

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Product no.: 0392

Ref .: 0392

Rail fuse holder 10x38 MAX 32A

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Product no.: 1232

Ref.: 1232

Midifuse 32V y 58V de 60A a 200A


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Product no.: 5001

Ref.: 5001

Fuse holder for midi fuse 12V-58V


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Product no.: 0521

Ref.: 0521

Megafuse 32V y 58V de 60A a 500A


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Product no.: 0402

Ref.: 0402

Fuse holder for mega fuse 12V-58V

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Product no.: 00137

Ref.: 00137

AC protection box 8 ways

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Product no.: 3211

Ref.: 3211

Single-phase circuit breaker


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Product no.: 3216

Ref.: 3216

Single-phase residual current breaker 40A/30mA

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Product no.: 3217

Ref.: 3217

Three-phase residual current breaker 40A/30mA

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Product no.: 00601

Ref.: BPR000065400

Medidas: 40x48x106mm. Peso: 0,2kg.

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Product no.: 00593

Ref.: BPR065022000

Medidas: 40x48x106mm. Peso: 0,2kg.

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Product no.: 3502

Ref.: 3502

NH protection fuse 300A DC 1000VDC

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Product no.: 3503

Ref.: 3503

NH Protection fuse 500A DC 1000VDC


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Product no.: 3500

Ref.: 3500

NH Fuse holder 1P 300A DC 1000 DC

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Product no.: 3501

Ref.: 3501

NH Fuse holder 2P 300A DC 1000 DC

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Product no.: 5040

Ref.: 5040

Switching of 2 contactors 50A 400V

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Product no.: 8040

Ref.: 8040

Switching of 2 contactors 80A 400V

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Product no.: 1604

Ref.: 1604

Switching of 2 contactors 160A 400V

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