3 phases

3 phases

Solar kits for the Canary Islands, a luxury within everyone's reach.

Direct on grid Solar Kits that allow generating and consuming electricity during the hours when there is sunshine.
Unlike the Solar Self-Consumption Kits with batteries, the Direct Solar On grid Kits generate energy which is consumed immediately by the electrical devices that are connected in the house at that time. In this way, when the plates are generating electricity, the electricity bill will be reduced since solar energy will be used instead of the electrical network.

On grid allows the consumer to self-supply with electric energy, placing on their property a renewable generation facility (photovoltaic or wind). Instantaneous self-consumption is a form of self-consumption that consists of all the energy generated being consumed by the facility's own loads, with injection or without energy being injected into the electrical network. This "no injection" can be ensured by two alternatives:

1. Size the photovoltaic installation so that it is less than the minimum expected consumption.
2. Have management systems that limit the power generated by photovoltaic inverters.

The first option allows you to use conventional inverters. However, it has several drawbacks: it requires prior knowledge of the load profile of the installation, limits the installed power and reduces the self-consumption ratio. The second option allows reaching degrees of self-consumption of up to 100%, guaranteeing at all times the non-injection of energy into the grid.
Is self-consumption of renewable energy legal?
Energy self-consumption in Spain is completely legal. Royal Decree 244/2019 establishes two forms of self-consumption: If surplus and with surplus.

On grid without surplus. These facilities will need anti-discharge equipment that ensures that no energy is poured into the grid. Its administrative processing is minimal.

On grid with surpluses. They are those facilities that at certain times will send solar energy to the electricity grid, for example a house or industry without activity in central hours of the day. Within this modality we distinguish two important blocks:
Modality with surpluses received as compensation. In this modality, the electricity supplier will compensate in our electricity bill the energy discharged to the network. This modality, undoubtedly the most relevant in the DR, will be able to benefit from homes and industries with installed powers of less than 100 kW. Modality with surpluses not subject to simplified compensation. These facilities are those, in principle greater than 100 Kw, whose surpluses are going to be dumped into the network but under a sales regime, not compensation. The price of the energy discharged will be that established by the legislation of electricity generating facilities.

Is there any type of subsidy in the Canary Islands for the installation of a self-consumption system?
Practically all the Canary Islands' municipalities are subsidizing photovoltaic self-consumption via local taxes, such as the IBI, which in some cases achieves a reduction of up to 70%.

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Product no.: 5418

On grid solar kit with Perc Mono 400Wp solar panels maximum performance.

Peak Power 5200wp Nominal Power Ac 5000w.

5,198.00 €
4,678.00 *
You save 520.00 €

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Product no.: 5420

On grid solar kit with Perc Mono 400Wp solar panels maximum performance.

Peak Power 7200wp Nominal Power Ac 7000w.

6,434.00 €
5,790.00 *
You save 644.00 €

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Product no.: 5421


On grid solar kit with Perc Mono 400Wp solar panels maximum performance.

Peak Power 9600wp Nominal Power Ac 10kw.

8,923.00 €
8,031.00 *
You save 892.00 €

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Product no.: 5402

On grid solar kit with solar panels Perc 400wp maximum performance

Peak power 12,000wp nominal Ac 12kw.

10,198.00 €
9,178.00 *
You save 1,020.00 €

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Product no.: 5403


On Grid solar kit with Perc Mono 400Wp solar panels maximum performance.

Peak Power 15,200wp Nominal Power Ac 15kw.

12,393.00 €
11,538.00 *
You save 855.00 €

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Product no.: 5404


Power peak: 20kwp. Potencia nominal: 20kw

15,590.00 €
14,031.00 *
You save 1,559.00 €

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Product no.: 5438


Power peak: 25,2kwp. Potencia nominal: 25kw

18,921.00 €
17,029.00 *
You save 1,892.00 €

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Product no.: 5439


Power peak: 30kwp. Potencia nominal: 30kw

22,856.00 €
20,570.00 *
You save 2,286.00 €

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Product no.: 5440


Power peak: 40kwp Potencia nominal: 40kw

31,009.00 €
27,908.00 *
You save 3,101.00 €

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Product no.: 5441


Power peak: 50kw. Potencia nominal: 50kw

36,847.00 €
33,162.00 *
You save 3,685.00 €

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